Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad Luck Sucks

Well, I think I have been officially been bit by the bad luck bug *shakes fist at that naughty bug!*

First it started with $50 being stolen from me from my Relay for Life cans...I mean who in the world steals money for a charity!? I worked my @$$ off to get those donations and to have $50 stolen was the biggest slap in the face.

Not to mention, anything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I won't get into details with that (as it is more private than I am willing to share at the moment). But let's just say, it has been horrendously frustrating! I hope that good luck with come along soon! I am not giving up hope that something good will happen!

In the meantime, I did find a picture that I found quite funny and wanted to share!

Well, I hope that everyone else is having a good week and good summer so far! I am hoping that the terrible storms that are supposed to hit tonight will miss us!!


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