Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts

I know the typical Valentine's Day gift consists of red roses and gourmet milk chocolates, but there are other gifts available too choose from, and I'm going to give my advice on some great swaps that you can do to make V-Day more special and from the heart.

#1-a bouquet of roses. This is probably the most generic (and most sought after) gift for Valentine's day. Almost every guy in America get these for his significant other. It's become the trademark for this holiday. While most women love getting roses, why not try spicing it up a little? Instead of roses, get some beautiful orchids or lilies. Not only are these flowers gorgeous, they are also a great statement. Remember, although roses are thought of as THE ONLY romantic flower, has your significant other EVER complained when you brought home a bouquet of flowers that was something other than roses? Get original with your bouquet!

#2-Chocolates...heart boxes of chocolates. This year, do something different. Buy gourmet strawberries and dark chocolate and make chocolate covered strawberries. The possibilities are endless with fruit and chocolate. If your significant other is watching their calories...make it dark chocolate (it's not only tasty, but is full of antioxidants!)

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