Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Thea Annette

Everyone, I need your help...please keep my aunt in your thoughts. Last night my aunt was found unresponsive and had very shallow breathing. She was rushed into the hospital and the doctors found that she had an aneurysm that ruptured in her brain. She has massive bleeding in her head and her brain is so swollen that it is pushing against the left side of her skull. They predict that it happened Friday night. Right now, she is on life support...there is still a 1% chance that she could survive, and that 1% means that there IS a chance!! Please keep her in your thoughts today. :(
I JUST recieved an update on my aunt: she had two breaths above the machine that are her own...and a small amount of brain activity! We're told not to get our hopes up...but this is a dramatic improvement! It sounds like she is fighting to try and live. I am not giving up hope!


  1. so sorry to hear about this... hope she recovers soon.....

  2. Thanks so much, we're all hoping and praying here too.

  3. My thoughts and prayes are with you!