Monday, March 1, 2010

Okay, NEW Update!

Well, I have done...I have signed up for my first marathon! I did it for a good cause. I joined Team Hole in the Wall, which is a camp for kids who are seriously ill. I have to raise $1,500 (which is a small price compared to what that $1,500 is going towards!). I will be running the marathon on October 10, 2010...I have 8 months to train! I started my training today and yikes are my shins sore! I have ice on them now and they are elevated. I have had problems with shinsplints in the past, and unfortunately they are acting up again. I even made sure to stretch really well and I've been working out since early August. I guess my body isn't used to my feet hitting the pavement lol, it's been a while!

This blog has so far been about my weight loss journey, and now it's also going to be a part of my training journey!

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