Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well today is a lot more beautiful than yesterday! The sun is shining and I can hear birds chirping...yesterday was cold and snowy...ugh.

Today I worked out on the bike and went 13.48 miles in 60 minutes...burned 300 calories doing so as well...made sure my resistance was well up there. Since I have to take a break from doing anything really with my arms (due to my chest injury) I figured I'd just keep biking and jogging. I can still lift some weights, but it has to be very low weight (like 3-5 pounds..!!...I was using 15 and 20 pounds!!). I tore the cartilage in my chest...isn't that just dandy >_<>

This morning for breakfast I had 1 Cup of multigrain cheerios, half a banana and 1/2 Cup of skim milk...yummy!! I love cheerios :D

I have had 5 sales in my online bakery too, I'm so happy! :) All the money is going towards the relay for life and the marathon!

Well that is all for now, going to go get ready since I am gonna go out today, yay! :)

Have a great day everyone!

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