Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What does the Relay for Life mean to you?

I get asked this question a lot. The Relay for Life means everything to me. I am relaying because of all the loved ones I have known who have battled cancer (and some have lost that battle).

In November 2008, my grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (the cancer had spread into her spine). I was quite shocked to find out the news and we were all very upset. Her health began to deteriorate pretty quickly and the last time I was able to see her doing pretty well was during Thanksgiving that year. In May, she came down with an infection from pneumonia and was put into the hospital. I called her on the phone and that was the last time I was able to actually have a conversation with her. Just a week later, she got even worse and was put into the ICU. My family and I went to go and visit with her. She was awake just a couple minutes when my dad, my uncle and I were able to go into her room to visit, but those couple of minutes meant the world to me. She fell asleep and stayed asleep the rest of the time. Late that night was transferred to a hospice and we were all told she wouldn't make it through the night...but she did until the following evening. We were with her at the hospice. There was a time when my mom, my aunt and I were alone with her and we all talked to her...even though she was asleep, I knew she was listening. It was so hard watching her suffer to try and breathe. My mom and I left that afternoon, and just a couple hours later we got the phone call that she had passed away.

My grandma passed away on May 22, 2009. She was only 60 years old.

I have also lost my best friend's mom (who was like another mom to me) to brain cancer.

I have two tattoos in memory of both of them, I loved them both so much.
My best friend's dad is now going through stage 4 lung cancer as well. He is doing pretty well right now for himself and we visit with him and my best friend as much as we can.

My other best friend lost his father in December of 2008.

My grandma (my mom's mom) had non-hodgkins lymphoma but is a survivor.
My aunt had ovarian cancer but is also a survivor.

My mom lost her dad and her grandpa both to cancer when she was just a little girl.

Cancer has surrounded my family and friends and I am SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!!

These are the reasons why I am relaying.


  1. Stopping by from Etsy. Great blog, just became a follower!

  2. Hello fellow cancer crusader! It amazes me still how many people are affected by cancer. Good luck on your journey and I'm starting P90X tomorrow!

  3. To Jessica, thanks! I'm following yours as well :D

    To 3-Day Addict, it's great to meet other people who are passionate about finding a cure for cancer! Good luck with P90X, I will be starting that when my chest injury heals! :D

  4. Good luck on your walk, I also have lost so many to cancer and still see people I care about being devastated by it.

  5. Thank you for your comment, I am so sorry to hear about your losses :( Cancer is so horrible.