Friday, March 5, 2010

Running 101

Let's just say that when I get into something, I go 100% and over-do it. I have so far read 3 books on running/racing and have more from the library...and that's just from this past week! I want to learn all I can about marathons, racing, running, etc. I'm starting to feel like a zombie already. I still can't believe I will be running a marathon in October...some people think I'm crazy!

Anyway though, I said I would keep a detailed record of all my experiences with training and things like that...

Monday: This was probably the hardest day. My shinsplints were killing me. I am not used to jogging for a long period of time like that...especially in the winter...I tend to hibernate and do my workouts indoors! Plus afterwards I came in and did Turbo Kick!

Tuesday: Another hard day...jogged/power walked hard. Then it was time to do ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Circuit 1. All I can say is my legs were screaming, "OUCH".

Wedensday: Trained a bit differently...1.5 miles...jogging/walking. I jogged 60 seconds, walked 60 seconds and so on. This was actually much easier on my legs, than what I had been doing Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday: This was my day off from outdoor activities...but I did do ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Circuit 2.

Today: Training the same as wedensday...with ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Intervals.

I've also been looking into different body lubes to try in the future (when I really start my jogging/sprinting training). These help to prevent far I have two at Dick's Sporting Goods...Cramer's and Bodyglide.

That is all for now...I will update more later

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