Friday, March 26, 2010


Well it's finally friday and it's also my brother's birthday today. This week has literally just flew by! But getting back to my brother's birthday, since the American Cancer Society is creating a world with more birthdays, I am celebrating by giving away a free treat with every purchase from my store! It's kind of like my Happy Birthday to everyone in a way.

I am celebrating my birthday by doing the Relay for Life (it's on June 26th which is actually my birthday). I am also making a huge banner for our campsite. I have already about 11-12 names I am going to be writing on there. If you want your loved one's name on the banner, let me know. The banner is going to have two Honor of and in Memory of.

The relay is only 92 days away!!

But before I go...I must rant...
Unfortunately, I am not feeling the greatest at all today. My chest is hurting more than ever today...ugh, I am so done with this stupid injury!!! :(


  1. :) I thought so too, it means so much to me to participate in the Relay!

  2. Good for you! If you would like, my mom died of cancer in Februaryof 1999. You could put her under the "In Memory of" Goood luck to you reaching your goal.

  3. I can put your mom on the banner, what was her name?

  4. I am also doing the relay here in KC. My husband is a leukemia survivor. hes' my hero.

    what a beautiful giveaway!

    I found you on etsy forums, please come visit me too!

    {also, I'm having a give away that ends today! come enter before it's too late!}

  5. hello,i'm your newest follow. happy blogging

  6. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments! :) and lady noire, thank you for following! I am following yours as well :)